I’ve just got started again with my online business and already things are trying to pull me off track.

Since my last post I have spent two days away from home on a maths course (and I’m not a natural mathematician), our boiler has packed up so we have no hot water and I’ve been trying to organise tests and mark work for my learners.

Alongside the usual household chores you could say that I have been busy and could easily start to feel discouraged.

But I have used my timer, filled in the Action Planner that I mentioned in my last post and, most importantly had a phone call with my accountability partner.

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Continuing to learn

Wow, what a response! I went away for three days on family business and when I got back the comments

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Important – What do we tell the children?

Or more importantly what should we be teaching our young people? You may have seen the comments on Gary Simpson’s

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