New Mentoring Course – Internet Business CodeX (IBCX)

Internet Business CodeX

A couple of days ago I found out that two of the people I met on Alex Jeffreys’ 1st mentoring course are starting their own course in the next few days.

I am really excited about this. Garry Parkes and Gary Simpson are two of the most honest and ethical people you could hope to meet in this often seedy and dishonest world of Internet Marketing.

As well as learning from Alex on MWA 1.0, many of the students also formed their own support networks and the two Gar(r)ys and I were part of the same one. Garry Parkes has also worked directly for Alex Jeffreys so I know without hesitation that I can highly recommend these guys and the mentoring course they have produced.

It will be launched this Tuesday 28th June, but they are currently giving you access to a really informative, no-nonsense, no-hype video and the first of three special reports.

I have already seen the video and 1st report and they are excellent. You don’t even need to opt in to get the 1st report, but I highly recommend that you do as you will then be able to receive the next two. You can join as an inaugural member of the IBCX which will give you a spot in one of the most innovative and comprehensive coaching and mentoring courses around.

They have spent over 15 months preparing for this course so I know that it will be top quality.

IBCX is a three month interactive hands-on course with webinars, Q and A sessions, highly-detailed instructive videos, PDFs and a host of innovative ideas and surprises that will allow you to learn fast and make money.

During the launch of IBCX you will be able to win some great prizes too – including a free membership. This will be explained to everyone who registers their interest.

I have used many of the written products that the Gar(r)ys have produced in the two and a half years I have know them (I’ve even contributed to a couple of them). I would never recommend something that is not of the highest quality, so you can be really confident about this. You may also remember that I use and recommended Gary Simpson’s Action Planner as my Busy Person’s Tool #1.

Remember that these guys have also been mentored by Alex Jeffreys, have a huge amount of experience themselves and do not tolerate dishonesty, hype or ‘push-button’ rubbish.

I’m really looking forward to all of the information they are giving out freely.

If you missed out on Alex Jeffreys’ opportunity to become part of his Inner Circle, then I really would urge you to sign up for IBCX now. I have – and won one of the prizes, simply because I asked.

I ‘Took Action’. Will you?

Let me know what you think about their information after you have signed up. I’d really love to hear.


P.S. The links here are my affiliate links, just so that you are aware – but this lets you know how highly I rate and trust these guys.

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